What happened to Grace on Nurses? Audiences are currently working through the 2020 Canadian series, so let’s look into the character.

There were a wealth of TV highlights to grace screens in 2020, whether we’re talking streaming hits or beyond.

Over on Canada’s Global Television Network, audiences were invited to check out a new series called Nurses.

This medical-drama series was crafted by numerous talents who worked on Rookie Blue, a Canadian police-drama which began airing in 2010. These include Ilana Frank, Adam Pettle, Vanessa Piazza and Tassie Cameron.

Further down the line in December 2020, NBC began airing it in the United States and viewers continue to work their way through season 1, made up of 10 episodes.

However, some have found themselves curious about a certain character. So, what happened to Grace on Nurses?

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What happened to Grace on Nurses?

Throughout Nurses, the character of Grace Knight (played by Tiera Skovbye) is shown to be troubled and anxious.

As highlighted by TV Tropes, it’s revealed that she was harassed and assaulted by Dr. Hamilton (Peter Stebbings) at her previous job. There was an instance in which he caused her to make a mistake which almost resulted in the death of a patient during surgery.

In wake of the incident, Dr. Hamilton fired her and the memories evidently still plague her.

Grace’s emotional state becomes even more problematic, on the other hand, when Dr. Hamilton gains employment at St. Mary’s after a hospital merger.

In episode 4 – titled ‘Chrysalis’ – she is once again confronted by the man responsible for her misery, who now has authority over her in this job too.

TV Insider notes that he approaches her and brings up the incident he facilitated: “… everybody makes mistakes. It’s just the luck of the draw if they go unnoticed or not. You were unlucky.”

Essentially, she is confronted with reliving her past trauma and presented with the possibility that the past may repeat itself in her new job.

Tiera Skovbye: Previous roles

According to IMDb, the 25-year-old Canadian actress who plays Grace first appeared on screens in a 2005 short called 24 / 7 (she played Little Girl Braun).

She later starred in the 2007 series Painkiller Jane (Jane – 10 Years Old) and has starred in a number of notable TV projects since, including Riverdale (Polly Cooper), Dirty John (Young Betty Broderick), Once Upon a Time (Robin / Margot) and Dead of Summer (Deb).

Movie roles also include Midnight Sun (Zoe Carmichael), Summer of 84 (Nikki Kaszuba) and Even Lambs Have Teeth (Katie).

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Nurses season 2: Is it confirmed?

Yes, Nurses has officially been confirmed for a second season.

The Cinemaholic notes that it was renewed in December 2019 and principal photography began in Toronto in March 2020.

Lisa Godfrey – VP of Original Content, Corus Entertainment – said in the press release:

“Nurses has resonated with audiences immediately to become an instant hit on Global, further demonstrating our commitment to investing in premium content. Led by the talented teams at ICF Films and eOne and portrayed by a diverse, Canadian cast, we look forward to seeing where Season 2 takes our young nurses as they face new challenges on the hospital frontlines and with each other.”

Filming has already been completed but a release date is yet to be confirmed.

In other news, Red Notice is coming to Netflix.