Many of Vania Fernandes’ fans are confused who her ex-boyfriend is. In a recent TikTok video and Twitter post, Vania talked about someone who she dated in the past in relation to Olivia Rodrigo’s latest single.

A whole new drama erupted on social media between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter following the release of Olivia’s single ‘Drivers License’.

Fans have speculated that Olivia and Joshua have dated in the past, though they have never confirmed it, and now many fans have claimed that Joshua and Sabrina have become an item.

YouTube star Vania Fernandes is trending right now after she shared a post in response to Olivia’s song, claiming that an ex allegedly “left her for the same blonde girl” from the song.

Who did Vania dated in the past?

Vania Fernandes’ YouTube channel

Who is Vania Fernandes?

Vania Fernandes is a 26-year-old YouTuber and social media star. She was born in Lisbon, Portugal and currently resides in the UK.

Vania rose to fame thanks to her YouTube channel Stellabeauty08 (now under the name Vania Fernandes) where she shares fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.

She has nearly 350k subscribers on YouTube, 79k followers on Instagram and a follower count of 27k fans on her Twitter page.

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Vania Fernandes talks about ex-boyfriend in a TikTok video

The reason that Vania is trending right now is a TikTok video in which she talks about a boyfriend she dated in the past.

In a clip titled ‘Based on a true story’, she claimed: “So I heard this song and did some research.

“Don’t worry Olivia, I also dated someone who left me for the same blond girl that you talk about in your song.”

Vania hasn’t addressed who the person she talks about in the clip is.

It’s safe to say that many of her followers have been left confused after her tweet and flocked to Twitter to share their reactions.

One follower asked: “Omg, wait what?” while another one added: “Wait a damn minute, I need to know which guy she is talking about [right now].”

Someone else asked: “Wait what have I missed.”

Who has Vania dated?

Vania has had two public relationships in the past.

She used to date fellow YouTube star Sam King (@SamKingftw) but they called it quits a couple of years ago.

Vania has also been in a relationship with Raphael Gomes. He is a content creator and YouTuber with 2 million subscribers on his channel.

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