This is Us season 5 episode 7 already has audiences curious. Does Kevin die? Fans have weighed in their thoughts on Twitter.

Last year saw lots of great television reach our screens and This is Us fans welcomed the show back for season 5.

Created by Dan Fogelman, the series premiered on NBC back in 2016 and audiences have been following the lives of the Pearson family across different time periods ever since, introduced to those who enter their lives.

Season 5 began airing with a two-hour premiere episode in late October 2020 and episodes continue to compel in the new year, especially episode 6.

A cliffhanger of sorts has led fans to speculate on Twitter, so let’s look ahead to episode 7 and ask a pressing question…

still from ‘This Is Us 5×07 Promo “There” (HD)’, 20th Television et al., YouTube

This is Us season 5 episode 7: Does Kevin die?

  • No, there is reason to believe that Kevin doesn’t die. Previous episodes have shown us that he is alive in the future.

The final scene of the previous episode shows a car crash and Carter Matt highlights that the episode 7 promo confirms that Kevin was in a car accident, with the car being on fire.

In the clip [see below], his ID is seen on the floor.

Glimpses of Kevin’s future arguably confirm that he survives the accident, but the concern then shifts to whether the ordeal will affect him seeing Madison give birth.

Essentially, Kevin has also reached a point in which the personal and professional aspects of his life have collided, arguably conveying a sense that he can no longer divide the two and must take a different approach.

A number of viewers have already taken to Twitter to offer their thoughts on kevin’s fate, with one writing: “Y’all can’t f with me I know Kevin doesn’t die.”

Check out a selection of reactions:

When does the episode air?

This is Us season 5 episode 7 airs on Tuesday, January 19th 2021.

As for how many episodes will make up the latest season, audiences can expect 18, which is the same amount of episodes as the previous four seasons.

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