To tie in with the release of Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is releasing a new red and blue Mario themed edition of the iconic console.

Nintendo periodically releases special editions of their hardware. For example, to coincide with the release of Super Mario Odyssey in 2018, Nintendo debuted a limited edition Nintendo Switch which came with dark red JoyCons.

These limited edition Switch consoles often become prized collector’s items, making them difficult for customers to get hold of unless they pre-order them, or resort to paying inflated scalper prices.

How to get the Mario themed Nintendo Switch

The easiest place to buy the red and blue Mario themed Switch is on the Nintendo website, where pre-orders are currently live. The red and blue edition of the console is set to release on February 12, the same day as Super Mario 3D World/Bowser’s Fury debuts on the platform.

Official statements from Nintendo suggest that the limited edition console will also be made available from other “selected retailers” but there’s no way of knowing in advance which retailers will receive stock, and how many units they’ll be allocated.

Fans frequently accuse Nintendo of underestimating demand for limited edition consoles and other products, so it may be necessary to pre-order the device to ensure that one is definitely available. With many parts of the world still suffering under a restrictive pandemic, it’s likely that Nintendo Switch shortages that plagued 2020 will continue this year, and the console will remain in high demand.

What’s included with the red and blue limited edition Switch?

While the Mario themed Switch debuts on the same day as Super Mario 3D World, the console is not a bundle and does not come with any software. If you want to play 3D World on the device, you’ll need to purchase it separately.

The device costs $299.99 in the United States and £279.99 in the United Kingdom; the same price as a standard colour Nintendo Switch.

The Mario Switch is a variant of original Switch design which comes with two detatchable JoyCon controllers and a dock to connect the console to the television, rather than the slight smaller handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite which cannot connect to the television and does not come with JoyCons.

Potential Nintendo fans who are considering purchasing the Mario themed Switch should bear in mind widespread rumours of a Switch Pro console coming at some point in the future, which could potentially offer a better experience than the earlier hardware. These rumours, however, have yet to be confirmed by official sources, and as such, they should not be taken at face value.