The Kanezaka Challenge is now live in Overwatch and it comes with a new map. Blizzard’s Kanezaka Challenge for Overwatch is available until January 25th, and there’s plenty of rewards on offer for playing and watching. Here you’ll discover how to get the new Hanzo skin as well as the unique sprays that can be attained.

Blizzard’s newest Deathmatch map is a quiet town in the Shadow of Hanamura, and you should know that you need a Twitch account linked to your Blizzard profile in order to get the newest map’s themed sprays. These can be seen on the game’s website where you can also find an overview of the newest map added to the game.

While the fresh map is undoubtedly neat, below you’ll discover everything you must know about the Overwatch Kanezaka Challenge so you can get the Hanzo skin.

How to get the new Hanzo skin in Overwatch

You get the new Hanzo skin in Overwatch by completing the Kanezaka Challenge.

So, in order to get the new Hanzo skin in Overwatch, you will need to complete the Kanezaka Challenge’s following objectives:

  • Win three games – Pagoda Icon
  • Win six games – Yokai Spray
  • Win nine games – Kyogisha Hanzo skin

You can win the required amount of games in either Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade.

As for the sprays, they come via Twitch Drops which means you must have a Twitch account linked to your Blizzard profile.

Provided the above is established, you must then watch participating streamers for the below set of hours to get their corresponding rewards:

  • Two hours – Shine District spray
  • Four hours – Pawterry and Tato Takes Off sprays
  • Six hours – The Dragon Consumes, Bath Time, and Catchamari sprays

Check out the Kanezaka Challenge page on the Overwatch website to see the sprays as well as find more information.