Popular streamer LilyPichu addressed her latest drama in a comical way, but some fans are confused as to what it’s all about.

LilyPichu is one of the biggest streamers around right now, with over one million followers on Twitter and Instagram and over two million on YouTube, she regularly streams Rust on Twitch using the OfflineTV server.

However, she found herself in drama recently and she addressed it in a hilarious way that fans applauded on Twitter.

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What is the drama?

In order to fully understand what happened with LilyPichu, let’s go back to the beginning. LilyPichu and a series of other popular streamers are currently taking part in Twitch drops.

Essentially, members of OfflineTV have been awarding watchers in-game item drops as rewards for watching them stream on Twitch. LilyPichu in specific had promised fans a Rust jacket once they watched her stream for four hours, but later changed it to two hours.

However, when she missed a day of streaming, and assumedly a day for fans to earn the skin, she received a stream of hateful messages.

Taking to Twitter, she shared examples of the messages and explained that fans had even been contacting her mods to get her to stream.

“Some of you are WILD. Someone also tried to call one of my mods on discord yesterday to tell me to stream.. I already lowered the requirements from four to two hours (might look bugged, you’ll still get it) and there are still three more days. You’ll get your free stuff, kids. see u tom,” she tweeted with the images.

“I understand I probably stream the least out of everyone, so I lowered requirements, and I was planning on streaming a lot more in the next few days. You can just leave it open and afk too! Plz don’t harass my mods though!!”

She continued: “Also just to be clear i’m not that upset, I just found some of the messages i’ve received so absurd, to the point of comedy! 99.99% of people will always be super kind and welcoming and awesome! have a great night. I promise i’ll stream more the next 3 days!”

Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

LilyPichu trolled the drama

LilyPichu soon addressed the drama once more, or so everyone thought. Tweeting a link to a TwitLonger, she said: “To the Rust community – about the recent tweet/ drama.”

Fans instantly assumed it would be a long note with her views on the events, but instead they was met with a simple message: “It’s a video game, I don’t really care BUT if you’re looking for some dmca/ copyright free music check out comfi beats on YouTube or LilyPichu on Spotify! New music coming soon!”

Fans essentially got Rick Rolled in an unconventional way, but most found the humour in it in the replies. “Beautifully explained Lily,” tweeted one fan.

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