Kyrie Irving’s video has landed him in hot waters. The video shows the NBA player at a maskless party, and Twitter has been reacting to it ever since it surfaced.

Players have been asked to take strict health measures as the cases of coronavirus keep increasing. Amid this, a maskless party video of Kyrie surfaced online. Immediately, it sent Twitter into a frenzy. Many were quick to react to his video on Twitter.

Kyrie Irving video explored:

Kyrie Irving received a lot of backlash after a video of him partying without masks surfaced online. Kyrie was reportedly enjoying his sister’s birthday party along with his family. Fans of the player had been wondering why he had been missing from multiple games.

With the video of him partying surfacing online, some hinted that could be the cause of his absence. Nets and NBA confirmed they would be investigating the video. Nets GM Sean Marks broke his silence on the video.

“Kyrie remains away from the team due to personal reasons,” he said. “A date of his return has yet to be finalized. In the meantime, we will continue to stay focused on our organizational goals. Kyrie will have the opportunity to address his absence when he is ready to do so.”

Twitter reacts to Kyrie Irving video:

People were quick to react to Kyrie’s video on Twitter. “The worst part of this video was seeing someone blow out candles. Has Covid taught you anything @KyrieIrving ???” one user wrote.

“IDK what’s going on with @KyrieIrving, but the guy has a lot of explaining to do. Ever since he left Cleveland his career has been in free fall. Not to mention his stupid comments about the Earth being flat and partying without a mask on,” wrote another.

“Kyrie Irving is annoying as hell. You are being paid millions just to play basketball and follow Covid protocols. It’s not that hard,” read another comment.

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