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Speaking on the Transfer Window Podcast, Duncan Castles has shared what Jose Mourinho has been told about Tottenham’s transfer budget this month.

Remarkably, Mourinho reportedly still hasn’t been told anything about Spurs’ transfer budget this month, with Castles claiming that Mourinho has had no indication from the club that there is money to spend.

However, that isn’t to say that there won’t be money spent this month, as Castles says that Daniel Levy did the exact same thing in the summer, and Spurs spent a fair amount there.

Why Do So Few English Footballers Go Abroad?

Why Do So Few English Footballers Go Abroad?

“What we can tell you is, as of yesterday, Mourinho has still had no indication from the club that there would be a budget to sign players,”

“Which, suggests that Daniel Levy is playing his hand carefully, not only with other clubs, but with his manager. He’s not committing and saying ‘yes I will give you a player in one or two positions and this is the budget you have to work with’, which is kind of what he did in the summer.

“Mourinho went through the summer expecting to have very little done, expecting to have to sell to buy or to have to do loan deals with options to buy, and in the end he got a reasonable amount spent.”  

Photo by Andy Rain – Pool/Getty Images

This is certainly interesting to hear.

Daniel Levy has always been noted as a tough nut to crack in the transfer window, but not telling you manager how much he has to spend is next level secrecy.

It’s a transfer strategy that seems to work though, Spurs made some fantastic signings in the summer.

It’s a bit strange from the outside looking in to see that Levy hasn’t communicated this with Mourinho yet, but as long as Tottenham make the right transfers this month, it doesn’t matter all too much.

Spurs certainly have their eyes on making some signings, with the likes of Eder Militao and Christian Eriksen linked, so keep your eyes on any emerging Spurs news.