Belle Delphine is facing Twitter backlash over her recent pictures. This sparked the cancel culture once again. Here’s a look at the drama.

Belle has always used her social media platform to promote her content. She has been using Twitter, Instagram, and OnlyFans to stay connected with her fans. Recently, a picture she uploaded on Twitter caused a social media uproar. Many criticized her for posting it without any warning.

Belle Delphine (YouTube)

Belle Delphine drama explored:

Belle Delphine’s latest picture on Twitter received a lot of backlashes. The internet personality posted pictures with her partner in which she pretended to be kidnapped. She captioned the post as, “My perfect first date.”

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Twitter users were quick to react to it as many slammed her for not having a trigger warning. “I saw a quick glimpse as to why Belle Delphine is trending WITHOUT A TRIGGER WARNING (thank god it was cropped heavily). I am physically sick. I actually almost threw up. now I have to throw away the rest of my ice cream bc I can’t eat! I am not okay,” wrote one user.

“If anyone is defending what Belle Delphine did please block me. I know she posts nsfw content but posting something like that WITH NO TRIGGER WARNING is unacceptable to me. So many of her followers or others could have seen this and been triggered and that’s not f**king okay,” wrote another.

Belle Delphine (YouTube)

Twitter tries to cancel Belle Delphine:

Twitter was quick to slam Belle for the pictures, with many jumping on the bandwagon of cancel culture. “Can we please cancel Belle Delphine already like for real,” read one comment. “Look… can we just cancel Belle Delphine? I just can’t do it anymore…” wrote another.

“Can the cancel culture people cancel Belle Delphine already? Jesus Christ,” read another tweet. As of now, Belle has not responded to this backlash.

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