A joke is going viral on Twitter that asks people to search the question ‘why were Graham crackers invented?’, and the answer will have you in stitches.

Have you ever wondered why Graham crackers were invented? You know those sweet-flavoured American crackers that are used to make s’mores?No, neither have we. It’s not the type of thing you think about on an everyday basis, until Twitter asks you to research it.

The latest viral Twitter trend sees people asking others to Google ‘why were Graham crackers invented?’, but why? Well, it’s because the answer is something very unexpected…

WASHINGTON, DC APRIL 07: Graham crackers for One Bowl column in Voraciously in Washington, DC on April 07, 2020. (Photo by Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

‘Why were Graham crackers invented?’ goes viral on Twitter

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you might have seen your feed flooded with one question, ‘why were Graham crackers invented?’.

The popular trend simply asks you to Google the question and then return to Twitter when you’ve found out the answer, but why?

Well, it’s because the reason why Graham crackers were invented is actually really bizarre, and it’s got a lot of social media users laughing.

Why were Graham crackers invented?

So, why were Graham crackers invented? Well, it was actually to stop people’s sexual desires.

Yes, you heard that right. The crackers were first invented by Evangelical minister Sylvester Graham to control your sexual desires. So, they’re essentially a form of birth control. Weird right? Here’s where it all began…

Sylvester Graham, a minister and dietary reformer in the 1800s believed that eating healthy food was hugely important, and he thought that following a healthy plant-based diet with no pleasures is how humans should live.

But during the 1800s, the industrialisation of food meant that bread was no longer being produced with fresh ingredients in the home and was instead being mass-produced, essentially making it less healthy.

So, Sylvester popularised whole wheat flour, which became known as Graham flour, to encourage people to bake their own ‘Graham bread’, the original Graham cracker. It was a bland brown bread that is far from the Graham cracker we know today.

Sylvester believed that following this healthy diet would discourage masturbation, which he thought lead to blindness and early death. His teachings actually inspired other foods of the time, and even inspired John Harvey Kellogg to invent Cornflakes.

Twitter users react to the joke

After Googling the question, many people have taken to Twitter to react to the answer.

One person wrote: “After googling why graham crackers were invented I feel bad for feeding them to my Sunday school students.”

“Google why were graham crackers invented, my son is never eating them again,” said another.

Another tweeted: “Whatever you do, don’t Google “why graham crackers were invented?” It will break your brain, or your religion.”

You’ll never look at Graham crackers the same way again!

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