Rover’s Morning Glory’s Jeffrey Hadzinsky, who was known as RMG’s Nadz, has passed away. The news of his death was confirmed on social media.

Nadz has appeared on Rover’s Morning Glory. The listeners of the show have followed his journey on the show. He even opened up about going to rehab after struggling with drug abuse for a long time. The news of Nadz’s death was confirmed on January 12. However, it is unclear how he died.

Who was RMG’s Nadz?

Jeffrey “Nadz” Hadzinsky and Rover (Shane French) were always ready to bring some serious topics for discussion. During this, Nadz has made sure he was honest about his struggles with drug abuse. In one of his appearances, Nadz opened up about being in rehab.

Nadz admitted it was hard for him to cope up with the change during the first few weeks. However, as time passed, Nadz understood the importance of being sober. Rover even spoke about Nadz’s arrest. He recalled Nadz was arrested after the police found syringes in his car.

Nadz revealed he had to make a couple of phone calls after getting arrested, and everyone around him was upset about his drug abuse and arrest. At the same time, he admitted his girlfriend caught him with drugs. Nadz further added that he used to consume drugs while working. However, after going to rehab, he knew it was time to get serious about turning his life around.

The news about Nadz’s death:

Rover confirmed the news of Nadz’s death on Twitter as he wrote, “It is with deep regret we acknowledge the passing of our former phone-screener (and all-around funny guy), Jeffrey “Nadz” Hadzinsky. A source of laughter for R.M.G. for many years, his memory will live on.”

It is unclear how Nadz died. No cause of his death is known at the moment. Several others were quick to fill social media with tributes. “Literally just told Nadz happy new year. This is heartbreaking to hear. I loved the guy and thought he was hilarious, although he had his demons, he deserved a better ending than this. Hope his parents okay. I can’t imagine their heartache. RIP NADZ! I’ll never forget you!” another wrote.

“Sad news… he was funny and his era on the show created some classic radio.. it would be cool to put together a Best of Nads show and let that air one day when you guys are off and let the listeners know it’s coming,” wrote another.

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