Call of Duty Warzone has been complained about quite frequently since its integration with Black Ops Cold War. Many of the complaints have been calls for the DMR to be nerfed with some of the shouting now bleeding into the real world to become so much more than just gamers venting online. But, away from DMRzone, some people are asking: what is the new untlimited stim glitch? Here you’ll discover everything you must know about the new untlimited stim glitch that is back in Call of Duty Warzone, and this includes how to do it to win matches.

Away from the many complaints surrounding the overpowered DMR, another point of contention for the Call of Duty community has been the Overwolf Companion app,  along with the revelation of tournament players allegedly cheating by securing easy bot lobbies. All of this has resulted in a community justifiably full of suspicion when it comes to insane world records.

While bot lobbies and skill-based matchmaking have been heavily talked about by the Call of Duty community over the past week, below you’ll discover everything there is to know about the new unlimited stim glitch that is back in Warzone.

What is the unlimited stim shot glitch in Warzone?

The unlimited stim shot glitch is a returning exploit that allows Call of Duty players to easily win Warzone matches.

As for what the unlimited stim shot glitch does, it allows cheating Warzone players to endlessly survive in gas zones and thus win without needing to kill anyone.

Although it has been heavily criticised over the past 24-hours, it is actually back in the battle royale game meaning it’s been present before.

While people have been heavily critical of Activision’s battle royale game since its integration with Black Ops Cold War in December, it’s important to note that this cheat did appear when the battle royale game was under the tutelage of Modern Warfare.

It was complained about back then, but fans seem even more annoyed now thanks to the cheat occurring while the game has been turned into DMRzone.

How to do the stim glitch in Warzone

The new unlimited stim shot glitch in Warzone is done by having a frag grenade.

Provided you have a frag grenade and stim shot in your Warzone arsenal, you can easily do the new unlimited glitch to easily win matches.

While the method for getting the cheat won’t be shared, it’s pretty much everywhere online and this has resulted in the cheat ruining the game for many players.

After all, players using the cheat can easily win Warzone matches by just sitting in areas full of gas while endlessly healing themselves.

It’s been reported all over social media, so hopefully it’ll be patched out relatively quick.

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