Twitter was sent into a frenzy thinking they found Zayn Malik’s phone number after the singer tweeted about it. But what happens when you call?

Zayn surprised his fans on his birthday with a sweet gift. The singer shared a number on his Twitter with no information on what it was. Seeing that, fans were curious to know if that number was Zayn’s personal number. At the same time, others wondered if it was a way for them to talk to him.

Is Zayn Malik’s phone number on Twitter?

Zayn tweeted, “+1 (323)-991-ZAYN.” However, the singer didn’t reveal what it was. In the past, many celebrities have shared their numbers in the hope of connecting with their fans. Some believed Zayn was trying to do the same. However, things were not like they seemed.

For those wondering what happens, Zayn’s voice is heard greeting the caller. “Yo, this is Zayn here. Album is dropping on January 15. Press any number from one through nine to get to meet me. Press it now.” Once the caller presses any of the numbers, they get a sneak peek at his upcoming album ‘Nobody is listening.’

Following this, the caller also receives a message that reads, “Yoo, Zayn here! Tx for hitting my line. Give me your dates so we can stay in touch.” There are two links attached to it. The first link is to pre-order the album. Meanwhile, the second link is to save his number.

There is no doubt that Zayn managed to surprise his fans as many admitted they were looking forward to his new album.

Nobody is listening release date and tracklist explored:

Nobody is listening will be releasing on January 15. Previously, Zayn released his songs ‘Vibez’ from the album. The album has 11 songs. They are as follows:

  1. Calamity
  2. Better
  3. Outside
  4. Vibez
  5. When Love’s Around (feat. Syd)
  6. Connexion
  7. Sweat
  8. Unf**kwitable
  9. Windowsill (feat. Devlin)
  10. Tightrope
  11. River Road

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