Backlash over Kate, a character from Disney’s short film Inner Workings, is taking over Twitter as people claim her body is ‘unrealistic’.

Over the years, Disney has always been faulted for its lack of diversity within its films, particularly when it comes to women.

When you think of some of Disney’s most iconic female characters, like Cinderella, Rapunzel and Moana, they all have the same features. Small cinched waist, big pretty eyes, flawless skin and long flowing hair. Essentially, they all present an idealistic beauty standard.

Disney’s 2016 short film Inner Workings is getting a lot of backlash online as people call out its character Kate, who they claim presents body image issues for young girls.

Let’s explore why the film is being criticised…

Disney’s ‘Inner Workings’ Trailer YouTuber

What is Disney’s ‘Inner Workings’?

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you’ve probably seen everyone talking about a Disney movie called Inner Workings, and you might be a little confused as to what it actually is.

The reason you haven’t heard of it before is because it’s not actually a full-length Disney film, it’s a short film. In recent years, Disney has produced a number of five to ten minute long short films which are usually shown before a feature film, some of the most popular ones being Bao and Lava.

Inner Workings was released in 2016 and follows the story of Paul, a man who lived in California in the 80s. His internal organs, such as his Brain, Heart, Lungs, Stomach and even his Bladder, are all brought to life on an average mundane day as he tries to get to work on time.

Directed by Leo Matsuda and produced by Sean Lurie, the hand-drawn film premiered in theatres alongside Disney’s Moana.

Backlash over ‘Inner Workings’ character Kate goes viral

Over the past few weeks, backlash over one of the film’s characters, Kate, has been going viral online. She only has a short scene in the film as a sunglasses vendor on the beach, however it is later revealed that she fell in love with Paul and the pair married and had children together.

Kate is a woman with long curly ginger hair, a tiny waist and huge hips, following the ‘curvy’ idealistic body image that has emerged with the popularity of Kim Kardashian.

The character wears a small red and white striped cami top with blue shorts, and main character Paul gawks over her as he walks onto the beach.

Disney has been slammed for its portrayal of Kate, as social media users claim that the character presents an unrealistic body standard to young girls, and opinions have been flooding Twitter.

What are people on Twitter saying?

The controversy began when a Twitter user tweeted a photo of Kate and wrote: “In no world did Pixar need to do this.” The post has now been deleted, but according to The Mirror, it gained more than 180,000 likes.

People instantly began responding to the post, criticising Disney for portraying unreleastic body proportions.

One person said: “But where are her organs?”

“What’s with the smashed body proportions it looks wrong and strange purpose for comedy reasons it’s not funny I’m sorry but this is just lazy character development,” said another.

People then began noticing that it isn’t just the character of Kate whose body image is presented in this way, other characters present an unrealistic body standard too.

However, there were also many people who defended Disney and Kate, claiming that the backlash is unnecessary and is simply Disney’s animation techniques.

One person wrote: “Why are people on my timeline making fun of Disney’s Inner Workings…? This is called caricature, enhancing and exaggerating a specific feature of a character. Works great for comedy in animation.”

“I guess next they will be complaining about Olive Oyl’s figure or Betty Boop’s head is too big. Bugs Bunny is too tall to be a rabbit. Geez people they are cartoons. They have been exaggerating the human body for close to a century now. Stop beating all the fun out of life,” said another.

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