The Pembrokeshire Murders tells the chilling story of John Cooper but what happened to his son, Andrew Cooper, and where is he now?

The Pembrokeshire Murders is the first new drama series to arrive on ITV in 2021.

The series tells the chilling tale of Welsh serial killer John Cooper and the police investigation that went into putting the Bullseye Killer behind bars.

In The Pembrokeshire Murders, we meet John Cooper’s son, Andrew, but fans have been left wondering what happens to Andrew Cooper in The Pembrokeshire Murders and where he is now.

The Pembrokeshire Murders on ITV

The Pembrokeshire Murders began on ITV at 9pm on January 11th, 2021.

The series, which is to be shown over three consecutive nights, tells the story of serial killer John Cooper and the police investigation that put him behind bars.

The case of John Cooper is particularly chilling as the serial killer appeared on the popular game show Bullseye around one month before committing a double murder on the renowned coastal path that runs through Pembrokeshire.


John Cooper’s son in The Pembrokeshire Murders

While The Pembrokeshire Murders focuses on John Cooper and the police investigation into his terrible deeds, much of the story is centred around his son, Andrew Cooper, and how he conquered the fear of his father in order to bring him to justice.

Played by actor Oliver Ryan, we meet Andrew in episode 1 and he’s very adamant about being called by the name Andrew – one of his choosing – rather than Adrian, the name given to him by his parents.

It’s clear that the relationship between Andrew and his father has long-since soured, with John exclaiming that Andrew is “dead to us” in a conversation with his wife.

Andrew has clearly lived a tough life when we meet him, something which is only exacerbated when Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins pays him a visit where it’s revealed that Andrew doesn’t like John being referred to as his father.

Following their conversation, Andrew is clearly left shaken and attempts to commit suicide in the final moments of the episode.


Where is Andrew Cooper now?

Little is known about Andrew Cooper’s life in 2021 as he keeps his life as private as possible.

In 2011, according to BBC News, he appeared as a prosecuting witness during his father’s trial which saw the Bullseye Killer sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes.

In creating The Pembrokeshire Murders, Andrew Cooper was brought in by ITV and was involved in getting his story across.

Speaking to Metro, the show’s writer, Nick Evans said: “He saw this as an opportunity to set the record straight, to tell his side of the story.”

“He had a score to settle with his absent father,” Evans explained. “And he saw this drama as an opportunity to do precisely that.”

In an ITV press release, executive producer Simon Heath said: “As well as having Steve [Wilkins] and his team onboard, we sought out
John Cooper’s son, Andrew Cooper, because his story is so much at
the heart of the drama; we needed to be sure that he was
comfortable with his story being told publicly.”

The Pembrokeshire Murders began airing on ITV on January 11th, 2021.

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