The Dark comedy drama is set to make your 2021 better. However, is Dead in a Week Or Your Money Back on Netflix?

To lighten your mood, Netflix provides users with a list of movies. Recently, one that has been making rounds is Dead in a Week Or Your Money Back. The movie, which was released in 2018, has been catching everyone’s attention once again.

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Is Dead in a Week Or Your Money Back on Netflix?

For the people in the UK, they can rejoice as the movie is available on Netflix. However, for others, Netflix has not been so kind. The U.S. Netflix currently does not have this movie. The streaming site could bring the movie to other countries. However, as of now, there has been no announcement of it.

What is the movie about?

As per IMDb, the plot of the movie is as follows: “A depressed writer hires an assassin to kill him after he fails to commit suicide. However, the writer falls in love and starts having second thoughts about his decision.” Actor Aneurin Barnard, who is known for his roles in Dunkirk, The Goldfinch, and others, is portraying the role of William, a writer who wants to die.

Actor Tom Wilkinson takes on the role of Leslie, a hitman who is soon to be retired. The movie follows an extraordinary journey that is sure to make you laugh. For Tom, this movie was his directorial feature debut. The cast also includes Freya Mavor, Nigel Lindsay, Gethin Anthony, and Velibor Topic. The film is produced by Daniel-Konrad Cooper and Nick Clark Windo with Gina Carter as executive producer, as reported by Variety.

Universal Music has worked with the film for the soundtrack. Some of the most famous British singers and songwriters were involved in the process of making the soundtrack for the movie. Most of the film was shot in Southwest London.