A new sound is taking over TikTok as people claim the lyrics outline their 2021 affirmations. What is the ‘I am healthy I am wealthy’ song?

Everyone can agree that 2020 was one of the worst years EVER. The Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to all things fun, and it was a year full of hardship and devastation for many people around the world.

As we enter the first month of 2021, everyone is hoping for a more positive year, optimistic about what the year will bring. Lots of TikTok users are manifesting how their 2021 will pan out using the lyrics of a particular song.

Let’s explore the popular ‘I am healthy I am wealthy’ trend…

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What is the ‘I am healthy I am wealthy’ song?

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ve probably seen your ‘For You’ page flooded with the ‘I am healthy I am wealthy’ trend, but what actually is the song?

  • I am by Yung Baby Tate ft. Flo Millie.

The lyrics come from a song called I am by Yung Baby Tate, and here’s why it’s going viral on TikTok.

ung Baby Tate – I Am ft. Flo Milli [Official Lyric Video] YouTube

The lyrics outline everyone’s 2021 affirmations

The lyrics of the song are being used by TikTok users to manifest exactly what they want to achieve in 2021. Users are referring to the lyrics as their ‘2021 affirmations’, essentially being positive statements that they want to overcome.

The lyrics go like this:

“I am healthy, I am wealthy
I am rich, I am that b**ch
I am gonna go get that bag
And I am not gonna take your s**t
I am protected, well respected
I’m a queen, I’m a dream
I do what I wanna do
And I’m who I wanna be
‘Cause I am me”

So, in 2021, we want to be healthy, wealthy, rich and that b**ch. We’re not going to take any s**t from anyone, we’ll be protected, well respected and treated like a queen. Oh, and we’re going to do exactly what we want to do and be true to ourselves. Bring on 2021!


not sure who also needed this message this afternoon but you’re royalty. ✨ #foryou #fyp #manifestation #witchtok #blacktiktok #lgbt #plussizeedition

♬ I Am (feat. Flo Milli) – Yung Baby Tate

What is ‘manifesting’?

Over the past year, the idea of ‘manifesting’ has gone viral on TikTok.

It all started with a 2006 self-help book by Rhonda Byrne called The Secret. Based on the earlier film of the same name, the book focuses on the idea of ‘law of attraction’, which essentially claims that a person’s thoughts can change their life.

‘Manifesting’ is the idea that thinking aspirational thoughts will make them become real. For example, if you manifest that you really want to buy your dream car this year, then you will get it. Or if you manifest happiness, then you will have a positive year.

The idea has taken over social media, particularly TikTok, and now, people are using the ‘I am healthy, I am wealthy’ to manifest 2021. What do you want this year to bring? An end to Covid-19? A new house? To get engaged? Why not manifest it and see if it comes true!

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