Bella Poarch is one of many social media influencers who have done the ‘Buss It’ challenge on TikTok.

New trends on TikTok become popular within hours after they have been first shared.

From dance challenges to new filters, the social media platform continues to grow every day and gain more subscribers around the world. The site has become such a massive hit with celebrities and social media stars who are in a sort of competition to create the best content out there.

One of the latest famous trends on TikTok is the ‘Buss It’ challenge. Online star Bella Poarch has also taken part – let’s have a look at her version.

@bellapoarch on TikTok

What is the ‘Buss It’ challenge?

The challenge started on TikTok but has immediately spread to Twitter and Instagram, where social media users have been sharing their favourite versions.

The ‘Buss It’ challenge, which features the song ‘Buss It’ by American rapper Erica Banks, sees a person begin a video in casual clothes, messy hair and no make-up, dancing while facing the camera.

When the beat drops, they drop to the floor into the ‘Buss It’ pose, transitioning into a glamorous outfit with hair and makeup.

Plenty of TikTok users and influencers have taken part in the challenge, gaining millions of views and likes thanks to the new trend.

Bella Poarch does the ‘Buss It’ challenge

Bella Poarch is one of many social media personalities who got involved in the new TikTok trend.

Bella shared her take on the challenge a few days ago, captioned with the words: “This trend is cute.” She has received 5.7 million likes and just over 56k comments since she first shared the video.

You can watch Bella’s take on the ‘Buss It’ challenge down below.


This trend is cute😆

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

See other influencers doing the challenge

We’ve done a list of other influencers who have done the ‘Buss It’ challenge if you want to do your own version and are after some inspiration.

Social media star Rylee Isaac has definitely inspired a lot of followers with her video.


Meh thought I’d hop on the trend

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

James Charles is another star who has taken part in the challenge.


tag yourself I’m the unpedicured toes hanging on for dear life

♬ I love women – erika davila

Giorgina Juanita has picked up a great dress for her take on the challenge which has made us realise that we need a new glamorous outfit asap.


TIKTOK TOOK MY VIDEO DOWN AT 800K 😡 i have more tho 😂

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

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