Is a 365 Days Part 2 release date confirmed? Let’s consider when audiences may expect the anticipated sequel on Netflix.

As you’ll know, cinemas were temporarily closed for much of 2020 and arguably more people than ever before flocked to Netflix for new movie content.

There were a wealth of popular films to emerge on the streaming service throughout the year, with the likes of Mank, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Da 5 Bloods, The Devil All the Time, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga and more making their way to screens.

While the majority of these were helmed by celebrated and well-known filmmakers, there was another film which essentially took audiences by storm and seemed to come out of nowhere. Of course, we’re talking about 365 Days.

This erotic Polish crime-drama hit Netflix in June after a theatrical release in Poland in February. Ever since, fans have been waiting on a 365 Days Part 2 release date, but has it been confirmed?

still from “365 Days”, Ekipa et al.

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Is a 365 Days Part 2 release date confirmed?

  • A release date for 365 Days Part 2 is yet to be confirmed but a sequel will officially go ahead. However, there have been some complications…

The currently untitled sequel was initially scheduled to start filming in the summer of 2020. There were plans to shoot in the same Sicily locations from the first movie.

However, plans to film in August were delayed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, the cast addressed the delays in an Instagram Q&A, with Anna Maria Sieklucka explaining:

“We will not be able to go abroad to shoot this year because of the pandemic. You must be patient and wait. It will probably be next year. We do not know exactly when we will be able to start.”

Similarly, Magdalena Lamparska added: “Everything has stopped. The situation is similar in every country. The film industry has just frozen. A trip to another country, especially to Italy, would be too risky for the Polish crew at the moment.”

When will the 365 days sequel arrive on Netflix?

Considering what we know so far, it’s unlikely that 365 Days Part 2 will reach audiences on Netflix anytime soon.

A release date in 2022 appears more realistic than a late 2021 release at the moment.

It all depends when filming begins and how long post-production will take. On the other hand, it will likely have a theatrical release in Poland before hitting Netflix, much like the first film.

The fans are still eager

Ever since the first film reached Netflix, fans have been eager to see the release of a sequel to resolve that cliffhanger.

Indeed, some are still flocking to Twitter to demand it! Check out a selection of tweets:

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