Hitman 3 is arguably the most anticipated game of January 2021 alongside The Medium, and Agent 47’s third instalment has been dubbed a ‘well-deserved victory lap’ for IO Interactive with the Dubai preview having impressed lots of people. While the third outing promises to take players on another globe-trotting adventure with death permanently on the mind, lots of people are asking: will Hitman 3 be VR on PC? Here you’ll discover if the game is VR on PC, and you’ll also discover when the game will release on Steam.

Aside from Dubai which has massively impressed outlets and content creators judging by their previews, another anticipated location for the third instalment is England which parodies a murder mystery. England and Dubai are just two locations in the globe-trotting adventure which have been hyped, but there promises to be plenty more for those who wish to escape the woes of lockdown in reality.

For those who play on computer instead of PlayStation, below you’ll discover if Hitman 3 will be VR on PC, and you’ll also find out when it will release on Steam.

When does Hitman 3 come out on Steam?

Hitman 3 will come out on Steam in 2022.

The game is exclusive to the Epic Games store for 12-months, which implies that the release date for Hitman 3 on Steam could be January 20th next year.

Aside from being able to play from day one via the Epic Games store, the title will also be available via PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

The game’s absence on Steam for a whole 12-months will disappoint those who are loyal to Valve, but this is also possibly when  VR will become available on PC.

Is Hitman 3 VR on PC?

Hitman 3 is not VR on PC.

Virtual Reality is a PlayStation exclusive with PSVR, but it’s possible that Hitman 3 will become VR on PC when its Epic Games store exclusivity ends in 2022.

A developer responded to a query in a Reddit AMA four months ago, and they confirmed that the game is strictly PSVR at launch.

However, they also stressed the importance of the Hitman series on PC, and they didn’t rule out the possibility as they said they will share more details and information when possible.

Although no means official, it’s possible that Hitman 3 will become VR on PC when it can be sold on storefronts such as Steam which have more virtual reality games than the Epic Games store.

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