Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War integrated on December 16th with Season One, but some fans preferred how the battle royale game was last year under the tutelage of Modern Warfare. While this is down to a number of reasons such as complaints about problems which were also around last year, many fans are now complaining that the infinite stim glitch is back. And the return of the infinite stim glitch has been made worse by the lack of a well done DMR nerf for Warzone.

A DMR nerf is reported to have actually happened and another is said to be in the works thanks to players still complaining about the weapon being significantly overpowered. The DMR 14 is said to have had its headshot damage decreased with recoil increased, but so far players are still reporting that it’s overpowered and turning the game into DMRzone.

And, as if the above wasn’t bad enough, Call of Duty Warzone players are now reporting that the stim glitch is back.

Stim glitch is back in Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone players are reporting that the stim glitch is back.

Per many complaints on Twitter such as from Pineaqples, the stim glitch is back in Call of Duty Warzone which is massively less than ideal when the DMR nerf also hasn’t impressed.

The reoccurring issue has also been reported on Reddit where players are now saying that the battle royale experience isn’t worth playing thanks to the overpowered weapons coupled with significant exploits.

As for why it’s complained about by many, it’s because it allows players using the exploit to easily win matches without needing to kill anyone.

How to use the stim glitch in Warzone

You can use the stim glitch in Warzone by having the tactical equipment and frag grenade.

Provided you have a stim shot and frag grenade in Warzone, you then need to throw the grenade at a wall and pick it back up.

You then need to drop both your weapons and the exploit should work.

This method comes via the previous Reddit link as well as the above YouTube video from MO13.

If you’ve gotten the stim glitch to work, you can easily win any Call of Duty Warzone match by just endlessly surviving the gas.

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