#hingeisghetto was trending on Twitter and many users are having a ball tweeting about it, so what is the meaning of the hashtag and how can you get involved in the chat room?

We’ve all had bad dating experiences and because of dating apps like Tinder where we don’t see people in person, it gets hilarious because everyone is just a little more confident than they would be in real life.

When women go on bad dates, you can be sure that they’re going to tell their girlfriends, and two women have done just that, through Clubhouse, an app where you join a room and listen to the stories being shared by other users.

What is #hingeisghetto?

Clubhouse users under the names Jenny G. and Barbie Lewis hosted a room and invited “hinge survivors to come and share our experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, but mainly the ugly”.

They named the room #hingeisghetto and as soon as people started talking, the listeners took to Twitter to do their running commentary about the juicy stories.

According to the Tweets, some of the stories are wild and unimaginable, while others are not all what the speaker hyped it up to be. But you won’t be able to get the full details unless you join the chat room yourself.

How to get into the #hingeisghetto chat room?

Unfortunately, it’s not a free-for-all room because Clubhouse operates by adding people in when there is space, so it’s a first come first serve.

In this particular chatroom, it was mostly filled with British and American users.

To reserve a space or join the waiting list, you have to download the app first, enter your details and wait for the app to text you let you in – the wait time is unconfirmed.

Alternatively, you could get invited in by a user already in but you would still have to wait.

Make sure that the chatroom #hingeisghetto is open first though!

The funniest Twitter reactions to #hingeisghetto

If you’re not able to get into the room, here are some of the best reactions to the stories:

Looks like a user shared that their date’s personal hygiene was not up to standard!

Are these excuses acceptable though?

What did you just say?

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