Make sure your Instagram game is on point with these captions for your snowy uploads this winter.

Everyone’s gone through struggling to come up with an Instagram caption and eventually it turns into just using a couple of emojis to fill the void.

Whenever the sky turns into pretty colours or whenever there’s a rainbow, social media users flock to capture and upload; the snowy weather this winter is no exception.

Obviously, making up your own caption is always the best to give your feed your own ‘personal flair’, but if you are really stuck, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best Instagram captions for your 2021 snow pic!

Snow Instagram captions 2021

Whether you want a simple winter-appropriate phrase or something related to a film, we’ve got a couple options for you:

  1. “Do you want to build a snowman?” (Frozen)
  2. “The cold never bothered me anyway” (Frozen)
  3. Winter Wonderland
  4. Don’t eat yellow snow!
  5. The Starks did warn us that winter was coming (Game of Thrones)
  6. Wake me up when the winter ends.
  7. Who wants to Netflix and chill(y)?
  8. Stay cozy
  9. Brrr…it’s cold!
  10. Hot chocolate weather
  11. It’s colder than my soul out here
  12. I’d rather shovel sand than snow
  13. Having a chill time
  14. Catch me in fuzzy socks all winter
  15. Snowball fight!
  16. Nothing burns like a cold
  17. Covered with an ice blanket
  18. White lips, pale face,, breathing in snowflakes (Ed Sheeran)
  19. Winter: My new excuse to drink more hot chocolate
  20. Sweater weather
  21. Does shivering count as exercise?
  22. Brrrring on the snow
  23. If you need me, I’ll be inside until April.
  24. ‘Tis the season to be freezin’
  25. It’s a winter-ful life
  26. I’ve used so many tissues, it’s snot funny.
  27. Love at frost sight
  28. Freeze the day
  29. Just chilling
  30. The snuggle is real

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