What is the meaning of the #SayHerName shirt that the New Orleans Saints regularly wear, and why did they delete a tweet of it? Read on to find out.

Ahead of Sunday, January 10th’s match against Chicago Bears, the New Orleans Saints’ official Twitter account tweeted an image of quarterback Drew Brees in a shirt reading ‘#sayhername’. The account captioned the image: “That’s my quarterback #ForNola”.

However, in a confusing change, the tweet was soon deleted and replaced with an image of safety Malcolm Jenkins in the same shirt, captioned: “#SayHerName shirt is for the Saints Players Coalition initiative to amplify the voices and experiences of black women.”

What is the meaning of the #SayHerName shirt?

In September, the New Orleans Saints announced the season-long #SayHerName initiative, which aims to address the plight of black women in America and the “intersectionality of racism and sexism” they face.

The slogan has been widely-used since the March death of Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was the victim of a fatal shooting by Louisville police in her own home.

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The #SayHerName initiative sees the players wear their slogan shirts for the pre-game warmups of the whole game, and host weekly table talks on the issues black women face in America.

The team also released a video in September which focused on the #SayHerName initiative and its aims, specifically mentioning the death of Breonna Taylor.

In June, Drew Brees faced criticism from team members after he denounced players taking the knee during the national anthem, saying to Yahoo Finance: “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag.” He has since apologized for his comments and vowed to “be a part of that solution.”

Why was the tweet deleted?

It’s unclear why the original tweet of Drew Brees was deleted, but some reports have suggested it could be over confusion by followers over who the shirt was referring to, following the death of a woman at the US Capitol last week.

Drew Brees and other team players have been wearing the shirt since the start of the initiative, months before recent events at the US Capitol.

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