News of GOT7 disbanding hit social media and here’s our opinion on it – there may be hope!

Way to kick off 2021! JYP Entertainment announced that one of their most successful groups is set to leave the company.

Debuting on January 16th 2014, GOT7 have spent seven years with the company and after contract renewal discussions, all members have opted to leave .

The group is known for their international appeal, as the members are able to communicate in six languages: Korean, Japanese, English, Thai, Mandarin and Cantonese.

As a fan, HITC are here to give our opinion on it and we think there could be worse news – keep reading before you stans bombard us with comments.

Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Our opinion: GOT7 leaving JYP

Firstly, it should be clarified that yes, GOT7 are leaving JYP, BUT that does not mean it’s the end of road for the seven members. That’s because their seniors, 2PM, left JYPE but are still together – the group are simply on a hiatus due to military service and solo promotions.

Therefore, there is a huge chance that we will be getting more music from them, even if they are signed to difference agencies, provided they are permitted. So, the situation could be worse!

After all, the close relationship between the guys is widely known by the fans and all 7 members posted a group photo with #GOT7FOREVER on their individual Instagram accounts.

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Mark and Jackson also commented on the situation:

GOT7 performed at the Golden Disc Awards 2021 on 9th and 10th January, where they won Best Album for Dye.

Their stage was amazing and we’re sad that it’s going to be their last one for a while!

Which companies are GOT7 leaving for?

Jinyoung – according to Soompi, Jinyoung may truly become actor Jinyoung since he is in talks with BH Entertainment, an agency that houses the likes of Kim Go Eun and Park Bo Young. We think it’s going to be a good move to gain popularity in the K-Drama world and can’t wait till he makes us swoon in his first rom-com!

Jackson – obviously, Jackson will continue in his own label TEAM WANG but he may find a company just for Korean promotions.

Yugyeom – we’re most excited for Yugyeom’s alleged contract with former label mate Jay Park’s company, AOMG. The company is known for their hip hop and R&B influences and combined with Yugyeom’s previous Soundclound tracks, you can be sure to expect some sweet ‘baby-making’ music.

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BamBam – BamBam is reportedly considering MAKEUS Entertainment for his activities in Korea, who has artists such as ex label mate, Sunmi, while his domination in Thailand will continue. He’s huge in home country and he’s probably going to take the entire Thai market with him to his new company.

I mean, have you seen those photos of the billboards plastering his face all over the country?

Youngjae – main vocal Youngjae may be joining Sublime Artist Agency, making his colleagues EXID’s Hani and former JYP artist Rain.

JB -as for the leader, he’s apparently received offers from a hip hop label and other global labels as well so he’s got a lot of options!

Mark – the oldest member will return back to the US to spend time with his family and is interested in starting a YouTube channel – maybe he’s going to make it a gaming channel since he spends so much time on PUBG and he can finally go on Day 6’s Jay’s videos! He’s already got 228K subscribers despite not having a single upload.

Overall Thoughts

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t sad about GOT7 leaving JYP but the good news is that new music is on the cards; we don’t know how long we’ll have to wait but it’s better than if the group were truly disbanding.

For now, we look forward to their solo projects but until then, you can catch us making a playlist of all their songs.

Some of our favourite tracks: If You Do, 1:31, Sign, Sick, Look & Poison