The popular ‘a man comes home from work’ riddle has sparked discussion online and turns out, there is more than one answer. Check whether you figured them all out here!

Going back into lockdown, so does that mean the internet are preoccupying themselves with riddles again?

Recently, people have started discussing the a man comes home from work’ riddle – the brainteaser is not new and what’s unique about this one is that there’s more than one logical answer floating on the web.

Try your hand at the riddle below.

Here’s the riddle

A man comes home from work and says “honey, I’m home”. The microwave is on, defrosting a chicken dinner. From the bedroom his wife shouts “Hi sweetie, could you have a look at the microwave and tell me how much time is left?”

He immediately runs out and calls the police, informing him that his wife is in danger? Why?

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There are a few answers that the internet has come up with, so try and see you can guess some of them.

‘A man comes home from work’ riddle – solved!

Answer 1:

  • The husband is blind, so the wife would not ask him to look and tell her how much time is left because she knows he can’t see.

But now wife asked him to, meaning that there is something unusual going on. So, the husband calls the police because he thinks she’s in danger because of the unusual behaviour.

Answer 2:

  • The time left was 9 minutes 11 seconds i.e. 9:11, 911 is the emergency number.

Some reddit users have said that this is possible but unlikely because she couldn’t have timed it perfectly and it doesn’t explain why he told the police that his wife is in trouble.

Answer 3:

  • His wife is a vegetarian

A logical answer. There must be something wrong if she’s cooking chicken when she’s a vegetarian.

Which is the correct answer?

No one knows what is truly the correct answer.

The internet have given all sorts of responses that could make sense of the riddle, but most people have gone with Answer 1, where the man is blind.

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