Momoland’s Nancy’s pictures have reportedly leaked online. Fans of the singer came to her defense as they made the #OurRainbowNancy trend on Twitter.

Momoland is a girls group that was formed by MLD Entertainment. Recently, pictures of Nancy from the band allegedly leaked and have been circulating online. Her fans came together to make sure the pictures stop spreading. They have also reached out to MLD Entertainment for help.

Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

Momoland’s Nancy’s leaked pictures explored:

Several users on Twitter claimed that Momoland’s Nancy’s pictures were leaked online. A user alleged the pictures were shared on Itzy Discord. From there, the picture was leaked to different social media sites.

“Did you guys know someone leaked photos of Momoland’s Nancy undressing on an ITZY server??? wtf if they got access to photos like that just imagine how it’s possible that they might try to get photos like that of itzy too since it’s dedicated to them,” read one comment.

Users claimed that the picture was clicked while Nancy was changing in a dressing room for the award show. MLD Entertainment has released a statement concerning the leak. “Recently, illegally-filmed and manipulated photos related to Nancy, our artists, are being distributed online and on social media platforms,” they wrote.

“Nancy is a victim of a photo taken without her permission, and it was photoshopped. It is Nancy who should be protected first, then. Due to this, we will take strong legal action against illegal photographers and first-hand distributors in cooperation with police and overseas law enforcement agencies,” the statement continued.

“We will also carry out civil and criminal penalties for violations of the special law on sexual harassment through our legal representatives. Nancy is currently suffering a lot. We hope there will be no longer artists that will be harmed with malicious postings. We will continue to make every effort to protect our artists through continuous monitoring and to take strong legal actions without any leniency and agreement,” the statement concluded.

#OurRainbowNancy trend explored:

#OurRainbowNancy started trending on Twitter as several people used this to bring attention to the alleged leak. They have been requesting fans to report any user who might share Nancy’s leaked pictures. At the same time, they have been asking others to mail or tweet MLD Entertainment to report people who have been sharing the pictures.

“Merrys! I really need your help right now. recently a picture of Momoland Nancy changing backstage was leaked. Please help us email MLD Ent and clear her searches. If you see the picture do not spread it, just report the account,” one user wrote.

Another added, “Nancy is one of the most beautiful and sweet maknae who deserve all the respect and what is happening right now doesn’t have justification at all and it is very disgusting that there are such people. a lot of support Nancy remember you are a queen.”

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