BTS fans have been eagerly waiting for a new album, and it seems like they are convinced it will be here soon. So, is there BTS new album 2021?

BTS fans have always been eager for new music from the band. They were blessed with ‘Be’ in 2020. With the album claiming some of the top positions on all music charts, fans are now waiting for the band to make an announcement about their album.

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BTS new album 2021 explored:

BTS has not yet confirmed the news of a new album. However, eagle-eyed fans have been putting the pieces together to get an idea about their future projects. The news about a new album started swirling online after RM hinted that they have been working on new music.

Namjoon, also known as RM, said this during his speech at the Golden Disc Awards. At the same time, Yoongi made a comeback after being away from the band for a while. Previously, it was reported, Yoongi was suffering from a shoulder injury that led to his break.

Seeing all the band members together once again, fans thought new music is confirmed. To add to this, Jungkook decided to go blonde again. The singer is known to experiment with his hair color. Seeing him with a blonde look, fans wondered if he was preparing for a new look for the upcoming album.

Some comments on social media read: “Namjoon said they’re preparing for new music, blonde jk, grey Namjoon, Yoongi is back, BTS is so quiet nowadays…. new album????????” wrote one user.

Another added, “all of us are getting crazy over BTS’s change of hair colors without knowing that maybe these mfs already filmed a music video or they are already preparing for their new album. you can’t fool me now BTS, why did you color your hairs? answer me.”

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Is there a new BTS album?

As of now, the band has not confirmed the news. However, since all the band members are together, there is a possibility there might be an announcement soon. At the same time, the band is known for dropping subtle hints about their music. Fans will definitely have to pay close attention to them.

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