The latest big TikTok trend sees users making up their own Sea Shanties, and it’s taken over the social media app. Here’s where it all started.

As TikTok has become more popular, the different types of trends have increased dramatically. There are cooking challenges, prank videos, dance trends, comedic sketches and even… Sea Shanties!

Yes, you heard that right, the latest trend sees people making up Sea Shanties, those songs that pirates sing. It’s totally bizarre, but hugely entertaining.

Here’s everything you need to know about the trend.

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What is Sea Shanty TikTok?

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you might have seen your ‘For You’ page inundated with Sea Shanty videos, but why? Well, that means you’re on Sea Shanty TikTok.

The Sea Shanty trend has emerged over the last week and sees users making up their own Sea Shanties.

A Shanty is a song with a solo and chorus that was originally sung by sailors while performing physical labour together. Think Pirates of the Caribbean, the songs they sing whilst on the ship are Shanties.

So who actually started the trend? Let’s find out.

Who started the Sea Shanty trend on TikTok?

The trend started when a TikTok user called @nthnevnss made a Sea Shanty called The Scotsman.

Nathan Evans, a singer from Scotland posted the video on December 23rd, and it went viral on the app, gaining a huge 2.4 million views and 519,000 likes. He then made two more parts to the song which continued to get hundreds of thousands of views.

Listen to The Scotsman Part One below.

After The Scotsman gained so much success, the TikTok user made another Sea Shanty called The Wellerman.

This one proved to be even more popular, accumulating 3.5 million views and 715,000 since it was posted on December 27th.

By far his most requested video was the famous Sea Shanty Drunken Sailor, and Nathan delivered, posting the video on January 8th.

In just a day, the video has already had almost a million views, and now, the Sea Shanty trend has taken over TikTok.

What do people think about the Sea Shanty trend?

Whilst it is a little bizarre, social media users are loving the Sea Shanty trend, and lots of people have taken to Twitter to react.

One person tweeted: “I’ve just discovered the sea shanty threads on TikTok and now I am lost in a world of drunken sailors.”

“Lovely morning so far falling down a Sea Shanty TikTok rabbit hole, said another.

Another person wrote: “Sea Shanty TikTok is the best side of TikTok.”

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