Here’s how to use the teleport effect on TikTok. It’s time to leave your usual surroundings behind and head for more favourable destinations!

From viral dances to personality quizzes, TikTok songs to Tiger King filters, the app has been a staple of entertainment since it went worldwide in 2018.

There are many effects that have come and gone on the TikTok app, in 2021 it looks as though the teleport filter is massively popular.

Screenshot: TikTok @ arseniumandmianna

What is the #teleport challenge?

TikTok’s teleport challenge sees users of the app virtually transport themselves from one location to another simply by outreaching their hand.

In a time when most of the globe is unable to travel anywhere, the teleport effect is a welcome addition to TikTok’s collection of filters.

Many users of the app are trading up the comfort of their bedrooms for sunnier scenes or city break locations such as Paris!

How to use the teleport effect on TikTok

To use the teleport effect on TikTok, follow the steps below!

  • Make a new video, head to effects, scroll right to special effects, click the yellow teleport filter.
  • Once you select the yellow teleport effect you will be able to select photos from your camera roll or from the set locations on the effect.
  • Keep your body within the frame and hold out your palm to initiate the teleportation!

You should now see yourself transported to Paris, Santorini or wherever you’ve chosen.

The effect comes with set locations or users have the option of using their own images to create original content!

TikTok teleport: celebrity lookalike effect

Many TikTok users have gotten creative with the teleport effect.

Not only are they teleporting to different virtual locations all over the globe, but many are accompanying the effect with text such as “apparently this predicts where you’ll be in five years time” or “apparently the picture it picks is the reason your parents are disappointed in you”.

Some are also using the effect to suggest celebrity look-a-likes of themselves. Using the teleport filter, TikTok users also add the text “apparently this filter shows your celebrity lookalike”.

After outreaching their arm, a celebrity lookalike that the user has chosen themselves appears, some of which are pretty uncanny!

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