Following on from the latest series of events at the US Capitol, Twitter was confused by the meaning of ‘Via Getty’. Unsurprisingly, memes ensued.

In a bid to document the unfolding of events over recent days, CNN political correspondent Ryan Lizza tweeted a viral image of an individual involved with the captions: “Via Getty, one of the rioters steals the podium from the Capitol,”

The tweet soon set Twitter alight, but some people were left slightly confused by the sentence.

What is the meaning of ‘Via Getty’?

In this case, ‘Via Getty’ is used to credit the image shared. Getty Images is a media company which supplies stock images and editorial photography to businesses and consumers.

Getty Images regularly provides images of celebrities, historical moments, famous landmarks and more. The images are then used by businesses, especially media publications, with a membership, or individuals are able to purchase the rights to singular images. To be able to use an image however, it’s a requirement to credit the image to Getty.

‘Via Getty’ was used here by Ryan Lizza to show that the image of ‘Podium Guy’ was provided by Getty Images. He clarified the tweet by adding:

“To be clear, ‘via Getty’ is not a person. It just means that this photo comes via Getty Images.”

Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Users on Twitter were confused by the caption

Although the meaning of the ‘Via Getty’ caption was obvious to some Twitter users, others assumed Via Getty was the name of the man in the picture.

“Via Getty, that is his name,” tweeted one person.

“WTF kind of name is that anyway,” asked another.

Via Getty memes

As usual with Twitter, users were left entertained by the name mix-up and created some hilarious memes in response.

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