A TikTok user has gone viral after showing off his ‘charge card’, a futuristic phone charger that everyone is fascinated by. But it is actually real?

‘TikTok made me by it’ has become a common phrase on the internet, as items go viral on the app and become the latest must-have product. Recently, gym leggings have taken over TikTok, and the popular Aerie leggings sold old completely after everyone was sharing how great they were on the social media app.

The latest product to go viral is called the ‘charge card’ phone charger after a TikTok user called @guapo.704 showed off the futuristic design in one of his videos. But is the product actually real? Let’s find out.

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TikTok user goes viral with ‘charge card’ video

A TikTok user called @guapo.704 has gone viral after he posted a video showing his boss using something called a ‘charge card’.

In the video captioned “my boss living in 3021”, his boss shows that he has 48% battery left on his phone. Then, he gets out his wallet and retrieves his ‘charge card’.

It looks like a normal credit card, but he proceeds to place it on top of his iPhone screen and miraculously, it actually charges it.

The video, which was posted on January 6th, has gained a huge 8.3 million views and 2 million likes, and has had social media users mesmerised.

TikTok users react to the ‘charge card’

The TikTok video has been flooded with comments from internet users who are very intrigued by the ‘charge card’, as it’s something that no one has ever seen before.

One commenter said “now this is the type of technology I expected in 2021” whilst another wrote: “He ain’t living in 3021, he’s living in 4021”.

However, others were sceptical of the product.

Another person wrote: “I refuse to believe this is real. There’s no room to sore electricity and there’s no charging transfer ability through the screen.”

“But hold up, this can’t be real. There isn’t a wireless charging coil under the display it’s in the back,” said another.

So, is the ‘charge card’ actually real? And where can you buy it?

Viral ‘charge card’ video by @guapo.704 on TikTok

Is the ‘charge card’ actually real?

Much to everyone’s disappointment, social media users have concluded that the ‘charge card’ is actually fake, and here’s why.

Firstly, it is scientifically impossible for the card to charge the iPhone. There isn’t enough space within the card to hold the electrical ability to charge a phone, and even if there was, the wireless charging port on an iPhone is on the back of the phone, not the front.

People did a bit of Googling and couldn’t find a ‘charge card’ product anywhere. Yes, it could be some futuristic gadget that isn’t on the market yet, but then how did the guy get his hands on it?

Everyone has concluded that the video must actually be a screen recording. So, the person recorded their screen whilst they plugged a real phone charger in so that the charging symbol appeared. Then, they played the video whilst placing the ‘charge card’ on top.

The ‘charge card’ is probably just a plastic card with a green light inside, and that’s pretty easy to make. So, it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting your hands on a real ‘charge card’ any time soon.

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