Is Hunter King pregnant? Some of her fans have speculated that The Young and the Restless star is expecting – here’s the rumour debunked.

Celebrities’ names often go trending on social media after users start talking about them.

In the case of Hunter King, who stars as Summer on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, the actress has been targeted by pregnancy rumours.

Here are the speculations about Hunter debunked.

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Hunter King on The Young and the Restless

Hunter King stars as Summer Newman on The Young and the Restless.

Summer, who is the daughter of Phyllis Newman and Nick Newman, has been portrayed by several child actresses since the character was first introduced in December, 2006.

Hunter took over the role from Lindsay Bushman and has been on the series for just over eight years, having first appeared on the soap back in 2012.

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Is Hunter King pregnant?

  • No, Hunter King is not pregnant.

There are no reports claiming that Hunter is expecting a child at the time of publication. There isn’t any evidence at all to support the idea that Hunter could be pregnant, but some people on social media thought that it was true.

But it looks like this is just a confusion from some viewers as speculations like these about celebrities go trending on the internet all the time.

Hunter often shares pictures on her Instagram profile and there no posts suggesting that she is pregnant.

In her latest Instagram post, shared on December 29th last year, Hunter is hanging out with her dog Poppy at the beach.

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Hunter speaks about her character Summer

In a previous interview, Hunter opened up about her character Summer who is romantically involved with Kyle (played by Michael Mealor) on The Young and the Restless.

The actress revealed that she would love for Summer and Kyle to have a baby. Speaking in an Instagram Live chat, the actress said:

“I’ve always wanted a baby on the show. I want to be able to wear the fake pregnant belly so I can eat whatever I want that day on set. And I want to be able to act with a baby… and then give it back [to its mother]!”

“I’ve never gotten to wear a pregnancy belly!” she added.

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