On Thursday, Dream took to his second Twitter to address drama surrounding his ex-girlfriend and his recent dox.

YouTuber Dream has been a hot topic of conversation online over the past week. First, he promised his fans a face reveal which turned out to be fake. Then, he was doxed by a group of internet users.

Now, he’s taken to Twitter to post a lengthy statement addressing all the drama that’s currently going on in his life. Here’s exactly what he said.

Dream addresses the Dox

In a Twitlonger posted on Thursday (January 7th), Dream addressed all the drama that is currently surrounding him on the internet. First, he spoke about his recent dox.

Last week, Dream had his privacy compromised when a group of fans used a photo of Dream’s kitchen that he had posted on Twitter to dox him, finding his address and exposing it on the internet.

Dream said in his statement: “Recently, a dox was released by a group of individuals in an attempt to harass and ‘expose’ me. They said that they did this due to the fact that I was ‘egotistical’ and that I was not a good person in general.”

He then continued to say that whether someone is a good person or not can be “up for debate”, but “no one deserves to be harassed”.

He also addressed drama surrounding his ex-girlfriend

Over the past few months, drama surrounding Dream and his ex-girlfriend Sam, who he broke up with years ago, has been present on the internet as many social media users are attacking her for things she allegedly said about Dream. So, he decided to address that too.

Dream urged his fans not to send his ex-girlfriend any hate despite any allegations she has previously made about him on the internet.

“I do not want ANYONE sending her hate, and I encourage anyone sending her hate to reflect. There are lots of people that make mistakes in the world, not all of them have a “popular” ex-boyfriend though, she doesn’t deserve any more hate than anyone else,” he said.

He then continued to call out internet users who “seek her out and cancel her or harass her for the things she’s done in the past”, before claiming that he will never speak negatively about her online.

Dream claims his ex-girlfriend was allegedly involved in the dox

Dream then went on to discuss how the two topics link, claiming that: “The reason this is relevant to the doxing though, is that she has recently been in contact with people that want to do harm to me or my family.”

However, Dream defended his ex-girlfriend, claiming that he always “tries to see the best in people” and believes she was “taken advantage of by people who really want to do harm”.

The YouTuber then outlined a number of negative things his ex-girlfriend has allegedly said about him, including that he doesn’t care about YouTube, and saying negative things about his appearance.

However, Dream consistently argued that he doesn’t believe his ex-girlfriend would ever purposely try to hurt him, and ended the post by saying:

“There’s a video of her from a few weeks ago talking about how I’m an amazing person, and how much she enjoyed our relationship. She’s also posted TikTok’s with her laughing about old stories and with my character in the background. I like to think that this is the real her, and not the things that she says when being manipulated. I truly think that she is a victim here and I really don’t support any hate towards her at all. She deserves support and care and to be helped by the people who care about her.”

Dream also confimed that a face reveal could be on the cards at some point, but he won’t be it until after Covid.

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