Fans are wondering whether Doja Cat and Saweetie are best friends in real life following the release of their single ‘Best Friend’.

In the celebrity world, relationships and friendships are always of interest to their devoted fans.

Doja Cat and Saweetie have released their first single together, titled ‘Best Friend’, prompting many of their fans to question whether they are actually true besties in real life.

Here’s the friendship of the two stars explored.

Screenshot – Saweetie – Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat)

Doja Cat and Saweetie release ‘Best Friend’

On Thursday (January 7th), Doja Cat and Saweetie have released the music video of their single titled ‘Best Friend’.

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This is their first song together as they haven’t collaborated on a music project in the past.

Since the release of ‘Best Friend’ on YouTube, the video has amassed an impressive 3.4 million views – and the figure and the likes for the song keep rising.

The song starts with the lyrics ‘That’s my best friend she a real bad b***h’ but are Doja Cat and Saweetie best friends in real life as the lyrics of the song suggest?

Are Doja Cat and Saweetie best friends?

Based on what they’ve said about each other in previous interviews, it looks like Doja Cat and Saweetie are friends in real life.

Saweetie previously spoke of her love for Doja Cat, calling her “talented” and someone who “works super hard” – just what a true bestie would say, right?

“I love Doja Cat, I met her about two years ago,” Saweetie told Extra TV. I’ve always been a fan of her work, she works super hard, she’s talented.

“I think this record fits perfectly for us because it reminds me of independent women but in a different way. It’s empowering, it’s fun, it’s sexy but it still talks about some real stuff, and I feel like we’re missing a best friend anthem so I think me and her just fit perfectly for it.”

Fans react to ‘Best Friend’

Fans have a lot of love for Doja Cat and Saweetie’s first single and many have said that they are a pretty good duo.

One fan reacted: “After watching the ‘Best Friend’ music video, I need to find me a @Saweetie to my @DojaCat.

Another follower made a reference to Doja Cat and Saweetie’s zodiac signs and tweeted: “Doja Cat being a Libra and Saweetie being Cancer…. like cmon now ‘Best Friend’ is about me and Aida. You can’t even tell me otherwise!”

Check out more reactions down below.

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