Rapper Blueface has gone viral after posting a series of explicit videos onto his Instagram Story, and people can’t believe it hasn’t been taken down yet.

If you’ve been on social media over the past 24 hours, you’ve probably seen the name Blueface being thrown around a lot. The American rapper has taken over Instagram after he posted a number of x-rated videos to his Story, and they’ve had over 4 million views.

Fans have taken to Twitter to react to the explicit videos, and here’s exactly what everyone’s saying.

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Who is Blueface?

Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter, better known by his stage name Blueface, is an American rapper and songwriter.

The 23-year-old from Los Angeles gained huge success after the video for his track Respect My Cryppin went viral in 2019 and became a meme. Then, he was signed by Cash Money West.

He released his most popular track Thotiana with Cardi B and YG in 2019, and went on to release his debut album Find The Beat in 2020.

Blueface is also big on Instagram, with 6.8 million followers on his account @bluefacebleedem.

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Blueface dances with strippers on his Instagram Story

Blueface has been going viral on social media over the past 24 hours, and it isn’t because of his music.

The rapper took to his Instagram Story to share some pretty explicit videos of himself and others dancing with a group of nude strippers.

He obviously doesn’t care about keeping his social media PG, posting a series of 15 different videos in the strip club throughout the night.

Almost 24 hours after posting them, the videos still remain visible on his profile, and he uploaded a photo showing that the stories were getting a huge four million views!

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Fans react on Twitter

Fans have taken to Twitter to react to the Instagram Stories.

One person tweeted: “I JUST WATCHED THE STORY BLUEFACE POSTED BRB CRYING!! Should’ve minded my business LMAO (#blueface).”

Some people felt as though Instagram should have removed the stories as they features explicit content.

One person said: “These social media companies are TRASH!! @instagram y’all will ban a video if you use a tiny clip from a movie or song, censor people’s comments but not Blueface posts, someone who is posting multiple women’s genitals and breasts, outright sexual content.”

Another tweeted: “Did y’all see Blueface’s story? How is this not against IG’s Terms of Service.”

Others were concerned about the fact that Blueface was inside a club during the Covid pandemic, claiming that events like this shouldn’t be allowed to go ahead.

“Bro Blueface cool n all what you’re doing but we kinda in a pandemic right now,” said another.

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