Slang terms have been around forever, but they have become increasingly popular with the development of social media.

If you are an avid internet user, you will probably be aware that the internet has its own language, full of slang terms and abbreviations.

People on Twitter have been wondering what “Wypipo” means, as the term is being used more and more frequently. Read on to find out!

What does Wypipo mean?

Wypipo is a slang term used predominantly on Twitter to mean “white people.”

The slang term is pronounced, WYE-pee-poh, though it is mostly used online.

Wy – White

Pipo – People

Urban Dictionary offers a definition for Wypipo, stating:

“Twitter slang or dialect that with read aloud sounds like “white people” which is its actual meaning.”

Other Twitter slang terms to learn

Another Twitter slang term to know is ‘Ratioed.’

‘Ratioed’ is something that happens when a tweet gets more replies or quote tweets than it does likes or retweets. defines being Ratioed as:

“On the social media platform Twitter, a ratio, or getting ratioed, is when replies to a tweet vastly outnumber likes or retweets.”

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