Among Us was one of the best games of 2020 thanks to the influence of streamers, and now Rust has become the new Among Us thanks to streamers resurrecting its popularity seven years after its release. A January 2021 update is said to arrive today, and here you’ll discover how to get Twitch Drops for Rust once this January update has arrived.

Again, although it made its debut seven years ago, the game has recently reached a new peak concurrent 134,483 players, combined with one million peak viewers on Twitch. Stats such as these show how popular the game has now become following its Early Access debut in 2013 and full release in 2018.

Whether you’ve been a fan of the game since its origin or have just hopped aboard the online bandwagon, below you’ll discover how to get Twitch Drops in Rust following the January 2021 update.

Rust January 2021 update

The January 2021 update for Rust will release on the 7th at 19:00 GMT.

This means that the January 2021 update for Rust should also release at the time of 11:00 PT and 14:00 ET.

Release times for the patch were confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account.

More will be known about the patch when it arrives and an overview post is published, but the game’s official Twitter account has shared that there will be a forced blueprint and map wipe.

While map wipes are nothing new and blueprint wipes will result in the loss of your inventory and data, the highlight of the January 2021 update will be the enabling of Twitch drops.

How to get Rust Twitch Drops

You can get Twitch Drops for Rust following the arrival of the January 2021 update.

In order to get Twitch Drops for Rust, you will need to have an account for the streaming platform as well as Steam, and you will need to activate Drops on your Steam account.

Provided you’ve done all of the above, you will need to watch streams to get rewards.

Eligible Rust streams will hold a Drops Enabled tag, and you will be able to check your progress towards the next reward in the Twitch Drops Inventory page.

For those who just want goodies but aren’t particularly interested in the streaming scene, the unfortunate news is that you cannot speed up your progress by watching multiple streams at once.

You do not need Twitch Prime to be eligible for Drops, and Crates should show up in your Steam inventory after pressing the claim button.

Lastly, in order to open crates (random items or skins) via Steam, you will need to do the following:

  • Open Rust
  • Click Inventory in the Main Menu
  • Select Crate
  • Open the Crate

All of the above comes from the Facepunch’s official page on Twitch.