Pieces of a Woman arrived on Netflix on January 7th but the film’s ending and final scene have prompted questions and need to be explained.

Pieces of a Woman is being hailed as Vanessa Kirby’s finest work to date as the actress steals the show.

The film tells the story of a mother coming to terms with the loss of her baby who died due to complications in childbirth.

However, the ending of Pieces of a Woman and particularly its final scene has left fans with questions and needs to be explained.

Pieces of a Woman | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pieces of a Woman | Official Trailer | Netflix

Pieces of a Woman on Netflix

Pieces of a Woman tells the story of Boston couple, Martha and Sean, who are on the verge of parenthood.

However, their home birth ends in unimaginable tragedy, changing their lives and fracturing their relationship in the process.

The focus of the film sits on Martha – played by Vanessa Kirby, who was awarded Best Actress at the 2020 Venice Film Festival for her performance – as she must come to terms with her grief and put the shattered pieces of her life back together.


The plot

Martha and Sean insist on having a home birth for their baby daughter but complications arise when their original midwife is forced to miss the birth as she’s with another mother-to-be.

Instead, another midwife, Eva, is sent along to help deliver the child.

The baby appears to be delivered successfully at first but things take a turn for the worse when it becomes clear that baby Yvette is struggling to breathe and is turning blue.

The film then flashes forward a few months and we catch up with Martha and Sean who are now having to deal with the fallout of their daughter’s death which involves an upcoming court case, putting Eva on trial for allegedly causing the baby’s death.

Despite putting on brave faces at first, Martha and Sean’s relationship soon breaks down and they split up shortly before the court case.

On top of that, Martha’s relationship with her family becomes increasingly strained.

The court case eventually arrives and Martha gives her testimony and at first, things don’t bode well for Eva.

However, while on a recess, Martha visits a photo developer’s store where pictures of her and her baby have been kept for months.

She gets the photos developed and for the first time since that awful night, can see herself holding her baby.

Martha then returns to court and gives a fresh speech where she admits that Eva was not to blame for her baby’s death and that monetary compensation would not help her heal.

This seems to show Martha coming to terms with what has happened and we see her sprinkling her daughter’s ashes in the river.

However, what has caused the most confusion for fans is the final scene which shows a girl by the name of Luciana climbing a huge apple tree before being called in for food by Martha just as the credits roll.


Pieces of a Woman ending explained

The meaning behind of Pieces of a Woman can be found in apples. Yes, that’s right but bear with us.

This particular fruit can be found throughout the film and most noticeably at the very end.

That’s because Martha is seemingly represented by apples in the film.

If we go back to the start of Pieces of a Woman, the first time we see Martha after the baby’s death, she’s in a grocery store and is browsing the selection of apples.

However, she’s not quite come to fully experience the grief of losing her baby yet and is putting on a brave face for those around her, hence we see her choosing a perfect-looking fresh apple.

As the film progresses and her relationship with Sean worsens, we see Martha pick up an already-eaten and rotting apple from the kitchen table, showing that their relationship is turning sour and is past the point of saving.

Martha can later be seen chopping up some apples in order to retrieve the seeds as she hopes to plant them, although, for much of the film, they don’t grow.

If we were to equate this to Martha herself, we could say that she’s been broken down into pieces but the building blocks of recovery and fresh growth – the seeds – are there.

Only when Martha comes to terms with her baby’s death do the apple seeds start to sprout.

And of course, the final scene in the film shows a fully grown apple tree, showing that despite the terrible tragedy, Martha has overcome it and has picked up the pieces of her life and has grown and flourished just like the tree.

Pieces of a Woman is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on January 7th, 2021.

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