Following a special broadcast from Capcom about Monster Hunter Rise, players are able to try out the hightly anticipated Switch game thanks to a new co-op demo that’s arrived on the Nintendo eShop.

The Monster Hunter series has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and the hugely popular Monster Hunter World on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC has done much to bolster the franchise’s popularity in the West.

Monster Hunter Rise will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch at launch, and while it doesn’t appear to be quite as expansive as World, it’s still set to be one of the biggest Capcom releases this year.

How to get the Monster Hunter Rise demo

The easiest way to download the Monster Hunter Rise demo is to visit the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch. Searching for Monster Hunter Rise will bring up the game page, and it can be downloaded to your device.

Bear in mind that the demo will only be available until the end of February. At 0:00 midnight PT/03:00 ET/08:00 GMT on February 1, the demo will be removed from the eShop and the only way to try out the game will be to purchase it.

If you have already downloaded the Monster Hunter Rise demo, you should still be able to play it on your Nintendo Switch, but you may not be able to re-download it should you delete it from your device.

Monster Hunter demo system requirements

According to Capcom, the demo will take up 1.6GB of space on your Nintendo Switch console or SD card. It’s important to have enough space on your device before attempting to download the game, as otherwise, while the machine will authorise your download, it will be unable to complete it until there is enough space to do so.

Up to four players can play the co-op demo together both locally and online, but there is a catch. According to Capcom, each online player needs their own Nintendo Switch and their own copy of the demo.

What’s more, the online multiplayer option for the demo will no longer be available after the demo period has ended.

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