Allegations from the ongoing Kanye West drama keep being surfaced by internet personalities, and this time it involves Cole Carrigan.

Cole Carrigan is a popular beauty guru on YouTube, and is an ex-member of the Team 10 house. Like most vloggers, he’s been in his fair share of drama, including allegations against Cameron Dallas, and alleged legal battles with the ACE Family.

However, the latest involves Kanye West, and stems from the Jeffree Star drama that has taken over social media.

The allegations began with TikToker Ava Louise who claimed a male beauty influencer had  relations with the rapper. She went on to like comments guessing Jeffree Star.

Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Cole Carrigan alleges involvement with Kanye West

Cole Carrigan’s name became involved when Ava Louise appeared on DramaAlert, alleging that Cole Carrigan had relations with Kanye West. She said:

“Allegedly, my very good friend Cole Carrigan signed a lot of NDAs and allegedly met Kanye West at the W hotel and allegedly went down on him in full glam. Cole is my best friend and I did allegedly see the text messages between them, and I’ve known for a month.”

Ava Louise does use a lot of ‘allegedly’s throughout her claims, albeit incorrectly.

Keemstar shared the interview to Twitter, asking Cole if there is any truth. He responded: “And y’all wondered why I was in Wyoming in August.”

Cole and Ava Louise’s TikToks

Following on from where the whole story began, Cole Carrigan took to TikTok to make more Kanye West allegations. He duetted the original TikTok by Ava Louise, reacting with a blank face and captioning it with Kanye lyrics.

Ave Louise went on to make a TikTok using the screenshot of Keemstar’s tweet of the interview. Cole Carrigan again duetted the video, adding screenshots of an alleged text conversation with plans of meeting someone at the W hotel in November and Cole signing a document. He captioned the video: “Not confirming or denying these texts between me and his security guard.”

In response to a comment saying: “There’s no proof that’s a security guard,” he replied with a TikTok alleging: “I obviously can’t say too much, I don’t want a lawsuit from Kim Kardashian West but these are literally the DMs from the security guard, well ex-security guard, that reached out to me before we started texting.”

Cole used the green-screen effect to show alleged Instagram DMs from a man, asking if he was in LA and for his number.

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