In the latest unfolding of the Kanye West drama, Ava Louise jokes that Kim Kardashian is suing her. Read on to see the videos and allegations.

Ava Louise sent social media into meltdown when she alleged in a series of TikTok videos that, Kanye’s been hooking up with a very famous beauty guru, male beauty guru, a lot of people in the scene have known for a while.”

She went on to like comments suggesting the male influencer is Jeffree Star, before then appearing on Keem Star’s DramaAlert, confirming that she was referring to Jeffree.

Ava alleged in the interview that she heard the claims from a lawyer friend involved with Kim Kardashian, and also claimed that YouTuber Cole Carrigan has been involved with Kanye West too.

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Now, Ava Louise is alleging Kim Kardashian is suing her

Since the original TikTok video set Twitter on fire, Ava Louise has been updating fans with more claims, from involvement of other people to….lawsuits.

During her DramaAlert interview, she says she hopes Kim sends a cease and desist order or tries to sue her, because making a TikTok about it would “be iconic”. Now, Ava has made that exact TikTok.

In a series of TikToks she jokes that Kim Kardashian is suing her. Filming from a retail space, Ava shows an outfit from Gucci and tells her followers:

“Hey TikTok so I had to make an emergency visit to my shopper’s office to get an outfit for court because Kim Kardashian’s literally suing me. Like, thanks b**ch, I need an excuse to shop anyway, bring it on.”


I’m gunna sue her back for having a lame S3x tape

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In a following video she jokingly runs in and out of shot with a popular audio playing, showing text on the screen that reads: “I spent $6,000 on a court outfit. Bring on the lawsuit Kim Kardashian.”

Her final video on her alleged lawsuit shows her miming to an audio by none other than Kourtney Kardashian in a Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, saying: “Okay, gotta go, call me when you wanna be honest.”

She added the text: “Me on the phone today with the West family lawyers as they said J [Star] is not the reason for the divorce.”

Followers’ reactions to the alleged lawsuit

Although Ava Louise has made three TikTok videos, albeit humorous ones, about her alleged impending case, some fans don’t believe they even exist. One fan commented: “All this talk and yet no receipts??? Hmm,” commented one user.

“Proof? You’re just enjoying this a lil too much girl i’m not buying it. And now you have the means to prove yourself so just show us the case paper,” said one fan.

Ava howeever simply replied: “Can’t legally show court papers!”

Others however believe the claims, defending the TikToker: “Why is she trying to sue you? All you did was spill tea,” said one fan.

“It would be an honour to be sued by Kim K,” added another.

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