Who remembers Tasia from Vine? Well, did you know that she’s recently spent time in prison! Here’s why.

Long before TikTok was a thing, a similar platform existed called Vine. The American social networking site followed a similar format, allowing users to share short comedic videos, and it was hugely popular amongst internet users.

The site had many popular content creators, and one of them was Tasia Alexis Hussey. But after Vine shut down she suddenly disappeared from social media, and no one knew where she’d gone, until now.

Tasia is now big on TikTok, and she’s recently revealed that she was actually in prison! But what did she do? Let’s find out.

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Who is Tasia Alexis Hussey?

Tasia Alexis Hussey, better known to most as just Tasia from Vine, is a social media star who became famous after posting videos on the video-sharing site Vine.

She had over 3 million followers on there and was one of Vine’s most popular creators before the site was shut down in 2016. She then moved her following onto Instagram and remained a popular content creator.

However, fans became confused when she became less active on the site. She then revealed that she was pregnant before suddenly disappearing completely.

Now, she’s a TikTok star with over 1.3 million followers, and she’s finally revealed exactly why she disappeared… she was in prison!

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Tasia reveals she went to prison on TikTok

Back in November, Tasia took to TikTok to reveal something pretty big about her life, telling her followers that she’s actually spent time in jail.

In a video posted on November 11th, Tasia posted a before and after style video in which she showed her prison mugshot and then compared it to photos of her life now.

Then, after receiving so many questions about the mugshot she posted another video on November 22nd captioned “prison diaries” where she confirmed that she has been to jail and told a few stories about her time there.

At the start of January, she then posted another video where she explained how she had to wear her hair in prison, but one thing she’s never actually revealed is why she was there in the first place. So, we did a little digging.


People still bring up the old me but it’s made me who I am today #JesusSavedMe #MakeAmericaSoberAgain #MyPastMadeMeWhoIAmToday #ThankYouJesus 🥺💕

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Why did Tasia go to jail?

According to the Newton County Jail Log, Tasia went to prison on February 9th 2019 and was charged with “forgery and possession of methamphetamine”.

She was 20-years-old at the time and she once revealed in a TikTok video that she was jailed for eight months.

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