Ever wondered: “what cologne does Corpse Husband use?” Of course you have! Well now you can find out, getting your hands on it is another ball game, though.

Corpse Husband is hugely popular on YouTube with over 6 million subscriber, often streaming videos playing Among Us. The man behind the oh-so-deep voice is a mystery, but what he smells like however is now public knowledge.

In a recent live stream on Twitch, The Corpse Husband revealed what cologne he wears to viewers, and fans were seemingly elated.

The cologne sold out

In a recent Instagram story, Corpse Husband ranted to followers that his signature scent has now sold out since he mentioned it, assumingly because fans bought it out. He said:

“Would you like to hear something absolutely preposterous? I mentioned what cologne I wear during a live stream and now it’s sold-out everywhere. I have to find a new cologne.”

What cologne does Corpse Husband use?

Now for the important part. The cologne that Corpse Husband uses is…..Givenchy Pi Neo.

The scent was created in 2008 and has base notes of patchouli, heart notes of cedar and myrtle, and top notes of bergamot and mandarin orange.

Givenchy Pi Neo is a futuristic themed scent, and described as: “Pi Neo offers new, highly contemporary sensations evoking high-tech adventure and a virtual world,” which is fitting for an online man like Corpse Husband.

Unfortunately, Givenchy discontinued the cologne in 2019, meaning now all stockists are sold-out it may be impossible to get your hands on it. Pi Neo however is a branch of the original Pi cologne from Givenchy, which is still sold. So, if you’re looking for something similar, then that could be a good choice.

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