The internet is full of inside jokes, with the newest and perhaps most elaborate one being blaming Brendon Urie for everything on Twitter.

The Panic! At the Disco frontman has been receiving backlash on Twitter for being the root of all problems, according to fans online.

Some have blamed Brendon for causing Coronavirus, while others have instead pinned the fall of the Roman Empire on him.

Why is Brendon Urie trending on Twitter?

Brendon Urie has become trending on Twitter, and people are wondering why, confused over the tweets flooding in about the Panic! At the Disco singer.

It appears that Brendon is trending on Twitter as people have been making jokes about him, blaming him for various different problems.

The jokes range from people blaming him for them failing a class, to others pinning their parents’ divorce on him.

Some tweets take it to a new level, blaming Brendon Urie for the fall of the Roman Empire, or causing Coronavirus.

The jokes are hilarious as obviously Brendon Urie was not even present for some of the things he is being blamed for, and there is absolutely no correlation between him and these events.

Best Brendan Urie memes on Twitter

Below are some of the best Brendon Urie memes, blaming him for everything from kidnapping a cat, to shooting Jay Gatsby.

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