TikTok has given rise to the theory that Helen Keller is not real. Here’s a look at what started Helen Keller didn’t exist trend and why people are questioning if she was real.

TikTok can be a strange place at times. The platform has given rise to some of the most viral videos and trends. However, in 2021, TikTok users seemed to be convinced that Keller did not exist. As strange as it sounds, it’s true. So what exactly started all this?

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i just don’t believe helen keller flew a plane without being able to hear or see😳 #helenkeller #fyp #foryou #hellenkellerwasntreal

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Helen Keller didn’t exist trend explored:

People started wondering if Helen Keller was real or if she really existed after a TikTok video surfaced online. The TikTok video starts with “reasons why Helen Keller was not real.” The user then goes on to bring out a list of reasons as to why they believe Keller never existed.

The user found it hard to believe that Kellen taught herself how to talk despite being blind and deaf. The video goes to the extent that the TikTok user claims they would have believed she was real had she appeared on America’s Got Talent.

The user didn’t appreciate Helen publishing her autobiography at a young age as one can hear her questioning, “You were blind and deaf. What did you see, Helen?” They also found it hard to believe that Keller flew a plane. The video ended with, “It is time for the lies to end.”

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Twitter reacts to was Helen Keller real trend:

For those who have been studying Helen Keller for ages, it was no surprise that this news came as a shock. Many took to Twitter and admitted it was hard for them to believe someone could question the existence of Keller.

To put an end to this discussion, yes, Helen Keller DID Exist. Yes, Helen Keller WAS REAL. Lastly, yes, SHE DID FLY A PLANE with the help of an aircrew.

Here’s how some of the Twitter users reacted to this: People who deny Helen Keller are the same people who have never read any history, or anything by Mark Twain who admired her like no other. We still have some sort of education in America right? Like, libraries are still a thing? Mfs,” read one comment.

Another added, “WTH? B/c of TikTok kids think Helen Keller is fake. Ms. Keller & her teacher Anne Sullivan were my childhood heroes. I learned about them by reading books, not by clicking on links. The internet generation is cursed w/ so much disinformation at their fingertips.”

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