What is the drama between Lacey Evans and Cardi B? The two got into a heated Twitter exchange after Cardi B’s name was dropped at WWE.

WWE Raw took place on Monday, January 4th, and many viewers were left baffled after Cardi B’s name was mentioned during the event.

The rapper was quick to respond to the hilarious situation on her Twitter profile but fans didn’t expect that it would then lead to a heated exchange between her and WWE star Lacey Evans.

Here’s what happened.

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Lacey Evans and Cardi B drama explained

Following Cardi B’s name dropping during the Legends Night edition of Raw on Monday (January 4th), Cardi B took to her Twitter to share her confusion and reacted: “I’m seeing people tagging me on WWE stuff and I’m kinda confused.”

After realising what’s the whole hype about, the rapper jokingly tweeted:

“WWWWTTTTTFFFFF….This is not how my WWE debut was supposed to be! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F***IN DAYS!!!!” 

Cardi B went on to reveal her fandom about WWE, mentioning her favourite stars.

But things escalated in a completely different direction when Lacey Evans responded to Cardi B’s tweets, saying: “Careful what you wish for ya nasty….. we aren’t @NICKIMINAJ. You’ll get sent home with more than a busted eye.”

In a since-deleted post, Cardi B was quick to reply and tweeted:

“A white woman can’t never put fear on me sweetie… Got me f****d up. I was showing love to WWE the whole night yesterday I don’t know where the f**k you came from with your unnecessary b******t.”

What happened next?

Lacey has since responded and explained that Cardi B must have misinterpreted her initial post.

She tweeted: “Aww bless your heart! @iamcardib U got it all wrong. I heard DEBUT and was giving you a friendly heads up! But since you wanna be a bad ass… keep me in mind when/if you show up to @WWE. Ill kick your ass while listening to your music.”

Cardi B hasn’t replied to Lacey’s latest tweet but we’re sure the whole world will be watching if she decides to.

Or that might lead to a whole new story if Cardi B does end up appearing on WWE. And we’re all here for that.

Fans react on Twitter

Fans took the opportunity to react with hilarious images and memes over Cardi B and Lacey’s Twitter exchange.

Check out a selection of reactions down below.

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