The ‘I drew The Weeknd’ meme is bringing some hilarious so-bad-they’re-good sketches of The Weeknd to our attention.

If you’ve been on Twitter in the last few days then your timeline has likely been filled with people putting forward some questionable portraits of The Weeknd, but what’s it all about?

The Weeknd set his profile picture as the worst best version of himself in art form on January 2nd, and fans found it hilarious. The singer left no hints as to how he found the image or what compelled him to make his profile picture. Still, it’s hilarious none the less.

Where did the picture come from?

The fan-art in question was originally made by a Twitter user called Ballpoint Papi back in 2017, and gained attention for all the wrong reasons. However, on New Year’s eve, another user @albert12798 resurfaced the image, claiming it as his in a now-deleted tweet saying: “I drew The Weeknd”.

The drawing of The Weeknd quickly amassed retweets and likes. Some fans however, felt it was unfair that he received the attention from both fans and likely The Weeknd for the drawing which wasn’t his. Later, the user did credit the original drawer in a reply to the tweet.

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‘I drew The Weeknd’ meme

Soon after The Weeknd set the drawing as his Instagram profile picture, other fans began putting forward their own versions which ranged from bad to really bad. Fans shared purposely (we hope) bad versions of the drawing, recreating the format of the original ‘I drew The Weeknd’ tweet.

A more literal take on a The Weeknd drawing:

Other fans however levelled up and provided some serious contenders:

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