Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s latest Triumph, the Core Four Challenge, tasks players with coordinating attacks against Taniks the Abomination in the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

The standard way to beat the raid involves players knocking a series of nuclear cores from Taniks’ body, then placing them in containers scattered around the level map. The wrinkle with this process is that as the Cores are radioactive, they slowly harm players in their vicinity, making carrying them to the containers a little tricky.

When players first learned of an upcoming Triumph called the Four Cores Challenge, they assumed that this must be in some way connected to Tanik’s nukes – and, they were right.

How to beat the Core Four Challenge in Destiny 2

To beat Destiny 2’s Core Four Challenge, simply complete the Taniks boss fight in the usual way by dumping all four cores into containers across the map.

There’s no special requirement, the nukes don’t need to be deposited at the same time, and if a player dies while carrying a nuke it won’t affect the challenge.

There are a few tricks to remember in order to make this process as simple as possible, so if you are having a hard time beating the Core Four Challenge, it’s worth bearing them in mind.

Tips for the Core Four Challenge

Players who regularly complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid recommend hitting all four cores from Taniks’ body before depositing any of them. This reduces the amount of radiation damage that players will take during the challenge.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you won’t be able to deposit nukes in the containers nearest Taniks, so you’ll need to take them further across the map to complete the challenge.

All in all, though, Destiny 2’s Core Four Challenge is very simple and shouldn’t cause seasoned players too much trouble.

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