Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s latest Coup de Grace mission has a fatal bug that can prevent players from receiving the promised Exotic Ship reward. In fact, additional bugs even cause the game to softlock, forcing players to start over.

Bungie has addressed these concerns, and, in the absence of an immediate patch to correct the error, the studio has offered suggestions for how the player can fix the bugs – or, at the very least, avoid the problem that is causing the game to glitch.

This fix is simple enough, but it does require that players know what they’re getting into before attempting the mission so that they don’t accidentally trigger one of the bugs.

How to fix the Coup de Grace bug in Destiny 2

According to Bungie, the trick to avoiding the main bug in the Coup de Grace mission in Destiny 2 is to simply beat the mission’s final boss the High Celebrant, slowly.

Apparently, overdamaging the High Celebrant will cause the game to fail to drop the Exotic Ship. Players who are completing the mission as quickly as possible by hitting the High Celebrant hard are in danger of beating the boss too soon, and thus, triggering the bug.

This glitch will no doubt be patched out soon, but in the meantime, players should take their time. They should also beware an additional bug which could softlock the game.

How to avoid softlocking Coup de Grace

As noted by YouTuber Cheese Forever, it’s possible to softlock Destiny 2’s Coup de Grace mission by hitting Taken Blight warp points too hard from a distance. Under some circumstances, they can stop taking damage, which prevents the player from travelling to the next area in the mission, thereby trapping them until the level is restarted.

Cheese Forever recommends only hitting the warps up close with a shotgun to prevent this from happening – the player will then be instantaneously transported to the next location.

The Coup de Grace mission certainly has its fair share of problems, but with any luck, the next patch for Destiny 2 should help provide a more streamlined – and less broken – experience for all players.

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